I’m Drivin’ It: California Ponders Ad-Supported Electronic License Plates

California must really be strapped for cash. In a move to generate some revenue, the state is considering a bill to...
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New Toshiba LCD Concept Gives Your Arms a Workout

Finally. Thank you, Toshiba. I’ve always found that iPhone pinching gesture to be so unintuitive and weird. I mean, yeah, we’re...
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Spectacular Waterfall Billboard Presents A Powerful Message

http://vimeo.com/10756110 Water is an amazing thing that is taken for granted. So it is quite awesome when some creative minds make...
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Sharp To Enter 3D TV Market This Summer

Japan’s Sharp Corp has announced that the company will begin offering 3D-capable LCD televisions later this summer in Japan. Sharp Corp....
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3DTV: A New Challenger Appears?

Ever heard of StreamTV? Neither have I. But apparently, unbeknown to you, I, or the rest of the Internet, they’re the...
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Device with Silly Name Attempts to Redefine Virtual Reality

I’m not big on the whole 3D scene. Trying to fit awkward glasses over my regular ones isn’t exactly comfortable. Likewise,...
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HP Brings Us One Step Closer to Taking Flexible Displays For Granted

Flexible displays might be on the way and widely used sooner than we think. 

Recently, HP unveiled a new idea in...
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