Computer Virus

Motives behind the computer virus

Blue screens, pop ups, flashing red windows, annoying virus alerts from anti-virus software, and an unresponsive pixelized screen. Viruses have done...
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2 min read

Stuxnet: the new face of cyber warfare

Iran’s nuclear efforts have been more than a bit of a threat, and with that, US and Israel joined forces to...
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A dozen years ago, this was the coolest computer around

School-aged children around the world at the turn of the millennium were really starting to get computerized. Parents were starting to...
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Believe it or not, there’s a PC behind the dust clowd

You can mark this down as “How not to treat your computer.” Look at the picture above. Do you see it?...
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This Is The Future of the Desktop PC It’s not every day you get to re-imagine what the desktop computer will look like, especially in an age where...
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Finally, A Portable Laptop That You Can Actually Type On

What’s the problem with netbooks and other portable devices these days? For starters, you can’t type on them unless you have...
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