Coffee Beans Bag

Design creativity: “Infographic on Coffee Cup”

Coffee isn’t exactly a technology topic that we would normally cover, but when it’s the subject of an infographic that was...
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LEGO Coffee Mug

LEGO coffee mug makes java fun again

There was a time when we were kids when drinking coffee was fun. It was such an adult thing to do...
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Using Facebook to find deals on coffee might help you live longer

In the news, there was a recent study providing evidence that drinking coffee may help you live longer. The study was...
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Coffee Art

Coffee Printer Takes Latte Art to the Next Level

One could argue that it takes latte art up five levels. In this video by rnzohar, the concept of putting drinkable...
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I’ve Never Bean So Inspired!

Geeks and coffee go hand in hand like Donald Trump and hairpieces, which is why I was so fascinated by this...
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Brilliant Invention by Harvard Prof Lets You Huff Coffee Like It Was Glue

Alright coffee drinkers, the jig is up. You say how much you “like the taste” or that “it’s a relaxing ritual”,...
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