Google And China, Friends Again At Last

This might have been a no-brainer for some, but the tension between China and Google has been eased when it was...
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Google’s Back On In China…Mostly

Today’s big thing: Google’s lights are back on in China after a longer-than-was-really-necessary-you-guys bruhaha that saw Google damn near shut down...
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Chinese Soldiers Are So Ronery

The news has been chock full this year about how China hates Google and Google hates China, but how does the...
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Google Alters Its Approach To China After Beijing Complains

For those of you following the Google Vs. China melodrama, you know the internet giant is doing its best to walk...
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iPed Launches For $105 in China, Runs On Android

Sounding more like a banned iPhone app than a tablet, the iPed is exactly what you’re probably thinking: a Chinese knockoff....
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Farmer’s Homemade Robots Pour Drinks, Chop Food, Paint, and More

Chinese farmer turned inventor, Wu Yulu, is finally getting some recognition after designing and building homemade robots. Yulu has faced some...
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A New iPhone In China Appears, Aimed For Women?

Nope. While it does have the Apple branding on it, we are certain that this thing is nothing more than a...
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rural round stone fort interiors

Ancient Fortified Buildings Offer Defense, Amazing House Parties (Probably)

Often, when we think of innovative approaches to design and living, we often look to highfalutin conceptual renders and abstract futurist...
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Google Hack Pictures 001

Did Google Get Hacked?

The bust up between Google and China is ongoing, and the latest news is that Google’s corporate page may have been...
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