radar gun

“The Man” vs. machine

Getting a ticket for speeding is a fear that most drivers face every day. For 16 percent of drivers this year,...
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Street Fighter Stop Motion

Street Fighter stop motion: Ryu vs Ken as you’ve never seen before

There have been many renditions of fights between Street Fighter primary characters Ken and Ryu. Cartoons, CGI, even real-life movies have...
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Photography past meets present – best iPhone accessory ever?

It doesn’t get more awesome than this. It does not get more awesome than this. I don’t think anyone can argue...
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Location-based album launches musical elitism to new heights

Do you exist? Do you like music? If you answered yes to both questions, you’ll likely find this pretty neat. Bluebrain,...
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lego technic super8 projector thumb 550xauto 62529

Lego Super-8 camera only further proof that Lego really can solve every problem

I dream of a world wherein we’ve built everything out of Lego, simply because we can. A post-apocalyptic future after which...
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And you were never without internets again

In the market for a new computer? How does 25 bucks fetch ya? Cooked up by game developer David Braben, ‘Raspberry...
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The console you never knew you wanted YouTubist EdsJunk wants to build you an Xbox Slim laptop – and he’s not above charging you hard-earned sweetcoin to...
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Kinect armchair takes laziness to its logical conclusion

Sit back, and relax. For the rest of your life. Quite possibly the coolest Kinect hack yet has come from Microsoft...
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Rolltop – A Flexible Laptop May Be Closer Than We Think You’re already watching the video, so let me break it down: this is Rolltop. It’s a laptop that rolls out....
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Guys… We Just Broke Science And here is a visual riddle to help ferry you into the weekend – Escher’s Waterfall, come to life. I’ve...
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Old Laptop Into Digital Frame? Sure, Why Not?

Erik Pettersson isn’t about to spend over 100 dollars on a lame, featureless digital frame. And why should he, when he’s...
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‘Brickify’ Does Exactly What It Says On the Tin

If you’ve ever wanted to convert your favorite logo/photo/image to Lego, now’s your chance. The team at Carsonified has rolled out...
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Tron Legacy Keeps the Internet At Bay

Welp, Tron: Legacy is out on Friday, and if you currently exist, chances are you’re going to see it. In the...
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x 1 mouse gamepad 45jpg

It’s A Mouse! It’s A Gamepad! It’s Amazing!

Alright, so ‘amazing’ is hardly a claim I can make considering I haven’t actually given this device a try as of...
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Social Networking Gets Physical with Tableau Out of the big box marked ‘stuff that will blow your mind today’ busts John Kestner’s Tableau. Tableau is a...
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The Rubik’s Cube Piggy Bank: You’re Totally Never Getting Your Change Back

If there was one object today that, above all others, I was made to select and define as ‘the pimpinest shit’,...
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Lego Wiimote Opens the Doors to Some Truly Rad Prospects

When I dare put ‘rad’ in the headline itself, you know something must be goddamn rad as all hell. And this...
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runner gundam

Because There’s Always Room For More Gundams

I have a couple friends who are big into building scale models of Gundams. I’ve never really understood the appeal (of...
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