april fool’s day


With Gmail approaching a decade, here’s how it has evolved

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been over 9 years since Gmail was opened up in beta. When it was...
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Animal Tech

Best tech April Fool’s Day jokes of 2013

April Fool’s Day is pretty annoying for the unprepared. The flood gates of false announcements, buyouts, and new products fill the...
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Antoine Dodson

Google’s April Fool’s Day joke for YouTube to determine #bestvideo ever

Oh, those pranksters up in Mountain View, CA. Every year they roll out several April Fool’s Day jokes. Last year’s included...
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Google to allow people to change their weather on April 1

Another sighting of Google’s yearly April Fool’s Day jokes is live. If you search for “weather” you will have the standard...
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The best of Google’s 8-bit April Fool’s Day maps

Google has become one of the biggest pranksters every year for April Fool’s Day. Over the years they’ve put out several...
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Gmail Motion

Gmail Motion: Because We Didn’t Evolve To Sit at a Keyboard and Type

Working with computers is tedious. The constant typing on keyboards and clicking on a mouse makes composing and sending emails a...
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