Will Google Ultimately Fail Because of Twitter, Facebook, and Social Media?

Twitter and Facebook are the two powerhouses in social media right now. There isn’t a day I watch television without these...
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Is An Ad-Supported Web 2.0 Inevitable? Let’s Hope Not

Four or five years ago, a single mentality dominated the world of web startups: build a service, amass as many users...
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Is Twitter on the decline? The numbers say so.

I’m not sure what I would do these days without Twitter. I mean, if I don’t know what some people are...
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Foursquare Day: Word of Mouth Advertising is Back

If you’re already a member of Foursquare, you know damn well it’s Foursquare Day, and have probably already been ‘playing’ for...
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2 min read

New Service Flutter A Stalker’s Dream

About a year ago, the blogosphere was all-a-twitter about a clever parody service named Flutter that shortened micro-blogging down to 26...
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Twitter Self Destructing, Destroying Third-Party Support

Does anyone remember Jaiku? Many Twitter users today don’t know this, but Jaiku was far superior to Twitter in numerous ways....
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Real-Time is Big: Bing Integrate Twitter Results

You can now add one more to the list of reasons that Bing doesn’t suck: Microsoft is now integrating up-to-the-minute search...
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Twitter Announce “Points of Interest”

And nosy tourists and stalkers are pleased! At today’s Chirp conference, Twitter’s Evan Williams announced that Twitter will soon add a...
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Instant Twitplay: Google Replays Tweets on Twitter Timeline

For all the chatter about the inanity of Twitter, ultimately it is a pretty amazing resource of what people are thinking...
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Twitter Didn’t Kill Blogs, It Restored Personality

The rise and fall of the blog is a heavily discussed topic on the Internet. Many are quick to claim that...
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2 min read
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Survey States the Obvious: Social Media Use Has Doubled Since 2008

According to a new survey from Arbitron Inc. and Edison Research, social media is still on the rise and use has...
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Find Your Favorite Star Trek Actors on Twitter

Ever wondered which of your favorite Star Trek actors are on Twitter and which aren’t? Wonder no more… the ubergeeks at...
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2 min read
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The Fat Lady Has Tweeted

As a Mac and iPhone twitter fan, I was personally thrilled to hear that Twitter has purchased Atebits, developer of Tweetie...
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Twitter Can Be Used to Predict Box Office Take: HP

Hewlett Packard recently concluded a study that used Twitter to very accurately predict box office numbers for movies before they were...
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Twitter Announces Official Blackberry App, Gets a Little More Evil

Lately, there have been rumblings that much-beloved Twitter might start to turn a little evil and begin to compete with the...
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Twitter Gets Overhaul, Excited Blogger Has Panic Attack From Sheer Delight

Guys. Guys. Guys. Twitter is getting a redesign. Whenever I have anything to say about Twitter, I like to say it...
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Twitter Used in UK to Predict Political Trends – Death of Phone Polls Far Behind?

The 2010 UK election, announced today by prime minister Gordon Brown, marks the first time that Twitter has been in widespread...
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Face-Meltingly Awesome Twitter Watch Renders Your Rolex Totally Unclassy

I’m a total freak for Twitter. It’s the greatest thing to happen to the internet in ages, and I wish I...
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