Google’s latest patent would allow it to control a robot army

Google’s ambitions in the field of robots are no secret, but this latest patent may be one of company’s most interesting...
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The UN wants to prevent autonomous robots from wiping us out

Terminator is probably one of the worst inspirations for painting a picture of the future, and the United Nations wants to...
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Seed-bomb drones could be the key to combating deforestation

The role of drones in saving the planet isn’t limited to just tracking climate change or monitoring animal populations, drones could...
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Google wants to bring robots to the operating room

Several technology companies have been expanding into the medical field over the fast couple of years, Google in particular. In fact,...
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Facebook is testing Boeing 737-sized solar-powered Internet drone

Facebook and Google are competing to see who can bring Internet access to the entire world the fastest and nobody seems...
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Amazon is having a competition to replace employees with robots

To Amazon, employees are simply placeholders for what will eventually be the perfect, utterly efficient robot that doesn’t need to be...
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Austin police say drones aren’t going to be allowed at SXSW

South by Southwest has always been a place for embracing future technology and new ideas but, according to the Austin Police...
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DJI could become the first billion dollar consumer drone company

The company that makes those popular Phantom quadcopter drones, Da-Jiang Innovations, managed to bring in more than $500 million in revenue last year,...
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Can this company convince the FAA to make delivery drone legal?

For the past few months, NASA has been working on a plan an air traffic control system for drones that will ensure...
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Even the smartest robots are limited by their physical form

What happens when you pack an incredibly intelligent computer into an incredibly useless box? You get a box that’s really smart...
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Google-owned Boston Dynamics has a robotic dog named Spot

We haven’t heard much from Google-owned Boston Dynamics in recent months but now the robotics company has unveiled its newest creation:...
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Drones are a valuable tool for keeping track of endangered wildlife

There is more to drones than just taking cool aerial videos, causing regulatory debates, and launching missiles at stuff. Drones have applications in...
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A new hotel in Japan will be staffed by an army of robots

For reasons unbeknownst to me, Japan is basically a Mecca for robotics in terms of both creation and adoption. In the...
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This robot learned how to cook by watching YouTube videos

It’s only a matter of time before robots start to take over even the more complex human jobs and it looks...
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Ubuntu Core is Linux for robots and smart gadgets

Ubuntu is one of the most recognizable names in the world of Linux and has spread to a ridiculous number of...
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There’s a five ton robot death machine on sale at Amazon for $1 million

The list of things you can’t buy on Amazon is pretty small and, as of yesterday, you can take gargantuan mechs...
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Former Google employee creates his own consumer drone company

Former Google employee and co-founder of the company’s drone delivery research program Adam Bry has, unsurprisingly, chosen to start his own drone...
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Disney’s robotic turtle can draw pictures in the sand

The beauty of robots is that you can design them to do anything, from something as useful to vacuuming your floor,...
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