200px Stephen Hawking.StarChild

Stephen Hawking Tells Us How To Build A Time Machine

How many times have you wished you had a time machine so you could go back and do something a different...
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Severed Biomechanical Arm Gives New Meaning to ‘Robot Rock’

Chris Conte knows how to rock and roll. Or at least how to build machines that can assist in the task....
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land robot bigdog and controller lg

Big Dog Robot Can Jog Up To 5mph With Your Groceries Don’t feel like carrying all of your heavy bags anymore? Let Big Dog do it for you. Big Dog is...
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Farmer’s Homemade Robots Pour Drinks, Chop Food, Paint, and More

Chinese farmer turned inventor, Wu Yulu, is finally getting some recognition after designing and building homemade robots. Yulu has faced some...
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Robot pic

Robot Trainers Bring Hope to Stroke Patients

A study done by a group of researchers from Brown University in Rhode Island showed that intensive therapy using a robot...
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Self-Driving GM EN-V May Change Transportation, Still Looks Funny, I’ll be honest – last time I wrote about the GM EN-V vehicle, I ridiculed it for its rather, um,...
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Plants Beat Humans to Cyborg Status

Mexican artist Gilberto Esparza is helping nature take it all back. Esparza has created the Planta Nomada, a hybrid plant/robot that...
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34 sec read

Robotic Suit Grants Superhuman Strength, Possibly Revolutionizes… Radish Farming?

You may have heard about Shigeki Toyama and his Power Assist Suit before. Of course, there’s every likelihood you haven’t. Let’s...
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One of Many Reasons That LEGOs Will Always Be Cool What do you get when you have a few guys with a lot of time on their hands and a...
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Shawarma Slicing Robot Built for Safety First, World Domination Second you’ve ever wandered the streets of Berlin or Munich, then you know that shwarmas (or doners as they call them)...
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Human or Robot? Soon We Won’t Be Able To Tell You have got to love the Japanese. They come up with the coolest tech gadgets, and they also come up...
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fujitsu robot teddy

Cute? It’s Un-bear-able!

Big brother has been watching us all for some time, but Big Brother Bear is a step too far. As creepy...
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Robot Waiters Efficiently Conquer Service Industry, Thai Food Themed restaurants are all the rage these days – heck, even Kim Jong Il has a line of establishments with...
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Plant-o-Bot Concept Inspires With Environmental Message, Cuteness

Sometimes, it’s a little hard to listen to dry, good-for-you messages about environmentalism. But a robot? That’s cute? Where I do...
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hunter unmanned aircraft system uas

One Step Closer to Terminator: Salvation Day

Pictured above, an unmanned drone taken from the military blog Washington’s unmanned drone airplanes will not just be Washington’s anymore....
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Spike Jonze Proves Robots Can Love

Spike Jonze has teamed up with Absolut Vodka to present ‘I’m Here’, a touching short film about robots in love. The...
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23 sec read

Yet Another Thing a Robot Can Do Better than You: Art

Not to come off as a robotics nut, but I’m not letting this one get away and sleeping comfortably tonight. I’m...
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New Dental Patient Robot Confirms Everything Japan Does is Kind of Creepy

Meet Hanako. Hanako is a collaboration between three Japanese universities and robotics company Tmsuk. And, quite frankly, Hanako is creepy as...
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