You might be able to vote for which name Android 7.0 will have


Rather than having us guess what the next version of Android’s confectionery-themed name will be, Google may leave the decision up to the Android community. During his visit to India this week, CEO Sunder Pichai mentioned that Android N might end up being named by the community through an online poll. This doesn’t mean that the company will actually do that, just that it’s a possibility, and considering the Internet’s track record with online polls like that, I honestly wouldn’t blame Google for deciding against naming the next version of Android that way.

A large part of the fun leading up to each new version of Android is figuring out which sweet treat it’s going to be named after. Google’s Sundar Pichai is on a short trip to India, and let a few details slip about what the next version might end up being. According to his statements, we, as in the entire Android community, may get to choose! During a chat with Indian college and school students, Pichai mentioned that for the next version of Android, Google might host a poll and let the online community decide. If convention holds true, the next version should start with the letter N. Playing a bit to the crowd, Sundar said that if enough of the students in attendance voted, the next version of Android could very well have an Indian name. Now, this is far from Google officially saying the fate of Android N is in our hands, but it’s an interesting thought. It is pretty easy to see the Internet getting excited about the thought of voting to name the next software version, but since this is the Internet we are talking about, we could also see this going south. What if we all voted for something silly, like Nutter Butter? Wait a minute, Nutter Butters are delicious.

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