Faraday Future wants cars to be more like tablets


Faraday Future has made it clear that it wants to reinvent cars as we know them, but how the company intends to do that has been a mystery, until now. Lead designer Richard Kim recently gave Tech Insider an unprecedented amount of detail regarding the company’s plans, claiming that it wants cars to be more like tablets in the way that they engage users and keep them connected. He claims that connectivity is one of his company’s primary focuses, and that it wants to create a car that’s not only smart, but integrates technology in a way that seems smooth and organic.

The secretive car start-up Faraday Future has big plans to reinvent cars as we know them. The problem is, we’ve had no idea what that means — the company hasn’t shared many details about its cars or what sets them apart. Until now. We recently spoke with the Richard Kim, Faraday Future’s lead designer, to try and get a better idea of what will make its cars so special. Kim shared some of the key things that will set its cars apart from the rest. Faraday Future is putting a huge focus on connectivity inside the car. Kim said the company aims to make a car that’s more like a tablet, where the user actually interacts with the interface inside the car, as opposed to just using their smartphone to remotely control some aspects of the vehicle. “It will be the ultimate connected experience, that’s for sure,” Kim told Tech Insider. “Let’s talk about your typical dashboard or instrument panel. It’s basically a surface to put your phone, right? You never really learn the user interface of a car these days, you just pop in your phone and put it on your dashboard somewhere. We are trying to address that need.”

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