Facebook is taking a page out of Snapchat’s book with live events


Thanks in large part to companies like Snapchat and Twitter, live content has become one of the new big things in social media, and Facebook doesn’t want to be left out. The social network rolled out a new feature ahead of Lollapalooza that allows users to view curated posts from events like the music festival in real-time. By using the Place Tips feature that Facebook released not too long ago, users can now view everything from photos to stage updates, similar to Snapchat’s Our Story feature. 

If you’re a big fan of this year’s Lollapalooza lineup, but find yourself sitting at home instead of standing around in a hot, Chicago summer for a few days straight, worry not. First off, you can stream the entire thing live via Red Bull TV. So, really, you’re not missing anything—except for perhaps that delicious smell of sweat. Facebook aficionados will also find a lot more Lollapalooza coverage on their favorite social network this year, as the service is using the big summer music festival to debut an expansion of its “Place Tips” feature. You can find all the concert coverage by searching for Lollapalooza on your mobile device, and then tapping on the option for “Lollapalooza 2015 in Chicago,” with the subheading “See photos and posts from the festival.” (Don’t just tap on the Lollapalooza concert venue, which is just a standard Facebook page.) Normally, these Place Tips are restricted to a location that’s near you or one that you’re actually at. With Lollapalooza, Facebook is unlocking the location restriction and opening up all related content for everyone to see, whether they’re standing around in front of a giant set of speakers or sitting on their couch thousands of miles away.

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