You can now sign up for the Minecraft Windows 10 edition beta


We’ve known about the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft for a while and now that Windows 10 has finally launched, it’s time to see what this new version of Minecraft is like. It’s technically a separate game from the original Minecraft and is currently in beta, but people who have already purchased the original version of Minecraft on a Mac or PC are entitled to a free copy of the new Minecraft. 

While Microsoft has begun upgrading its users to Windows 10 for free today, Minecraft publisher Majong will also be giving its users a chance to get Minecraft Windows 10 edition beta for free as well. If you already own Minecraft on PC or even Mac and you’ve upgraded your PC Windows 10, you’ll be able to claim your free copy of the game by signing into your Majong account on its website and clicking the “Redeem” button. You’ll then be given a token and taken to a Microsoft redemption page from where you’ll be able to download the beta. The new Minecraft beta is public for anyone who has Windows 10, so if you don’t already own Minecraft, you can purchase it for $10, and as with any beta, you’ll be entitled to future updates. But before you download the beta, you should note that the beta is not compatible with older versions of Minecraft, so you own’t be able to access any of your old worlds.

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