Pause is one of the most unique and interesting music discovery apps

Shares separated itself from the plethora of music discovery apps by taking a more visual approach to the process, and nothing exemplifies this as much as the company’s Pause app. The app is essentially a music magazine that combines visual articles with music to create one of the most unique music discovery services available today. 

Last time we caught up with music discovery app Pause, it had just arrived on Android following its iOS launch. It was evolving into a music magazine, with the promise of platform supporting a range of publishers. Now that platform has arrived. In practice, that means there’s now more content on offer. The Pause team has worked with publications including Drowned in Sound, FACT and Dummy, allowing them to create ‘magazines’ containing written articles with musical accompaniment. So, while reading Joanna Gruesome‘s views about mysogyny in music you can listen to her songs, too. Pause has also created genre guides, so you can listen to Bikini Kill while reading a brief history of riot grrl zines, or an oral history of ‘Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)’ to a soundtrack of… well, Wu-Tang Clan, obviously.

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