Oculus VR founder addresses concerns about exclusive games


As exciting as it is to see Oculus VR funding some virtual reality games, many people were understandably worried when they found out that these games will be exclusive to the Oculus Rift. However, company founder Palmer Luckey hopped on Reddit earlier this week to address the claims that the Oculus Rift was on its way to becoming a closed ecosystem, with his biggest counter argument being that these games wouldn’t exist were Oculus VR not funding them. The way he sees it, these games may as well be first-party content since Oculus VR is funding their development. 

Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey spent some time on Reddit yesterday addressing claims that the company is nudging the Oculus Rift toward becoming a “closed ecosystem” on the PC. As noted by Gamasutra, the complaints arose primarily from Oculus’ funding of numerous Rift-exclusive games, including Insomniac’s Edge of Nowhere. Luckey said the Rift is a fully open platform, and that no approval or licensing is required in order to develop for it. The games Oculus is funding are being co-designed and co-developed by its own internal development teams, he explained, and most of them “would not even exist if we were not funding them.” “Making high quality VR content is hard enough to do when targeting a single headset, trying to support every single headset on the market with our own content is just not a priority for launch,” he wrote. “Most companies would have done this as a 1st party software development effort, but we decided it would be better to work with existing developers who wanted to get past the bean counters and make sweet VR games.”

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