Leaked images show us how sexy the Galaxy Note 5 is going to be


Samsung has been so bad at keeping the Galaxy Note 5’s information a secret that I half suspect the company is just purposely “leaking” the information to build hype, and it might actually be working. Well-known leaker nowhereelse.fr has released tons of new photos that give us a really detailed look at what Samsung’s upcoming flagship tablet will look like, and I’m definitely liking what I see. 

Yesterday, Samsung sent out invitations to a New York City event where we’ll all finally (officially) meet the new Galaxy Note 5. But Samsung has done a pretty horrible job keeping wraps on what the new smartphone actually looks like, leaking everything from CAD designs to these new hi-res photos. Technology is filled with all kinds of rumors and speculation — real and fabricated. BitStream collects all those whispers into one place to deliver your morning buzz. These photos, courtesy of notorious leaker nowhereelse.fr, show off what looks like Samsung’s next big Galaxy Note smartphone. Samsung applies the same design language as we’ve seen on the Galaxy S6 but with a few slight alterations—like the sides for example. In this picture you can see that the back panel curves toward the edge, almost like the reverse design of the new Galaxy S6 Edge which had a similar curve but on the front. This is good news. In my S6 Edge review, I mentioned that “it’s almost like holding a normal smartphone—but backwards.” It would appear that Samsung may be righting that ergonomic wrong.

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