You can now buy and sell Bitcoin instantaneously thanks to Coinbase


You don’t hear much about Bitcoin nowadays, at least not as much as we used to, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything going on with the cryptocurrency. In fact, Coinbase has launched a new way for users to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly without needing to worry about price fluctuations. Known as Instant Exchange, this new feature makes trading Bitcoin easier than ever before.

Bitcoin wallet service Coinbase announced that it’s launching Instant Exchange, which allows users to buy and sell the cryptocurrency while protecting them from its price fluctuations. Prior to launch of this feature, purchasing Bitcoin on Coinbase would take between three and four days for US customers, as the company relied on the ACH bank transfer system to clear payments. Instant Exchange is available for users with USD, EUR and GBP wallets. Once you’ve ordered Bitcoin through Coinbase, funds will be withdrawn from your local currency wallet immediately. Receiving Bitcoin through Instant Exchange also credits your wallet automatically. The new feature should help more users take advantage of Coinbase’s Bitcoin exchange, which launched in January in the US and in April in the UK.

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