Researchers have found a way to prevent batteries from exploding!


It may not have happened to you, but it’s definitely common enough to be a serious problem. That’s why researchers have been trying to find a way to prevent lithium batteries, which power the vast majority of our devices, from bursting in the flames. The good news is that, not only have scientists found a solution, the solution could speed up the development of different types of lithium batteries which are capable of holding around ten times the amount of energy as current ones. 

Lithium batteries are powering most of our devices. From watches, smartphones and tablets to vehicles and even homes. These have proven to be a clean source of energy that is also very efficient, but you do hear of the occasional battery that bursts into flames. This is especially bad when it happens with smartphones, which you carry around and keep dangerously close at all times. Sure, it’s a bit rare for this to happen, but it’s still a factor we need to consider and work on. Scientists have discovered a way to make lithium batteries much safer in the future. More importantly, it could help the industry speed up the development of lithium-sulfur and lithium-air batteries, which are said to be able to hold about 10 times more energy per weight. Just imagine any phone being able to last about 10 times more energy. We are talking about battery life that could last well over a week. Now, that sounds like a promising future!

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