You don’t need to worry about your SSD losing data after all


Remember that report that came out not too long ago which claimed that SSDs can lose their data in just a few days if left unplugged? Well, according to the same person that inadvertently started the big scare, it’s all just a misunderstanding, the average user will never be in the situation where that kind of data loss is something that they need to worry about. 

If you’re in a panic because the Internet told you that your shiny new SSD may lose data in “just a few days” when stored in a hot room, take a chill pill—it’s apparently all a huge misunderstanding, according to the man who wrote the original presentation all the fear is based on. In a conversation with Kent Smith of Seagate and Alvin Cox, the Seagate engineer who wrote the presentation that set the Internet abuzz, PCWorld was told we’re all just reading it wrong. “People have misunderstood the data that they’re looking at,” Smith said. Cox agreed saying there’s no reason to fret. “I wouldn’t worry about (losing data),” Cox told PCWorld. “This all pertains to end of life. As a consumer, an SSD product or even a flash product is never going to get to the point where it’s temperature-dependent on retaining the data.”

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