The CEO of Jay Z’s Spotify competitor has left the company


Remember that Spotify competitor that Jay Z has been working on? The one that charges more and offers something that’s arguably less? Well, apparently the company’s CEO is leaving the company, as well as 25 other employees, and is being replaced by Peter Tonstad, the company’s former CEO. 

Andy Chen, CEO of Aspiro, the Swedish music streaming company acquired by rapper Jay Z for $56 million in March, has left the company. Reports of departures at Tidal began yesterday on Swedish news site Breakit. It claimed that around 25 employees were given notice by the company and “forced to leave.” Now, Tidal has confirmed that CEO Andy Chen is leaving the company, and will be replaced by its former CEO, Peter Tonstad. However, a Tidal representative dismissed reports that 25 staff were leaving the company as “incorrect,” instead categorising the departures as “redundancies” and “streamlining.”

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