Microsoft has secured a significant chunk of the search market


Google is practically synonymous with searching things on the Internet, and with a 64.4% share of the search engine market, it has a right to be. However, Microsoft has been gaining some serious ground over the past few years with Bing, which has enjoyed a 0.3% market share increase over February and now sits firmly in second place with a 20.1% share of the market. That’s more than ever other competitor combined, excluding Google of course. 

Microsoft’s Bing isn’t the most popular search engine around, but—at least according to the latest from comScore—it’s gaining ground slowly but surely. For the first time, Microsoft sites have surpassed the 20% milestone, meaning more than one fifth of overall search traffic is now owned by the Redmond, Washington company. Google of course led the market in March with the majority 64.4%, sitting at just 0.1 percentage points less than the previous month. Microsoft is up 0.3 points over February, now at 20.1%, while Yahoo is down 0.1 points to 12.7%. The bottom two, made up by Ask and AOL, have stayed steady at 1.8% and 1.1% market share, respectively. comScore also took a look at raw search numbers: “18.9 billion explicit core searches were conducted in March, with Google Sites ranking first with 12.1 billion (up 11 percent). Microsoft Sites ranked second with 3.8 billion searches (up 12 percent), followed by Yahoo Sites with 2.4 billion (up 10 percent), Ask Network with 332 million (up 10 percent) and AOL, Inc. with 203 million (up 10 percent).”

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