Google Wallet and ChowNow are making it easier to order food online


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Google is partnering with ChowNow, an online ordering platform for small businesses, in order to get ChowNow’s clients to begin accepting Google Pay in thousands of restaurants across the country. Now, whenever you order something online through ChowNow, there will be a “Buy with Google” button that makes paying for your meal as easy as a single tap on the screen. 

After an update to the Android app on Friday brought both Maps integration and keyword search, Google Wallet continues its expansion across the US with ChowNow partnership. ChowNow is an online ordering platform for small businesses that provides convenient to-go orders and marketing for independent mom-n-pop restaurants. Starting today, all of ChowNow’s clients — which include thousands of restaurants across the US — will now accept Google Wallet at checkout. When buying online from a restaurant with ChowNow, you’ll run into the “Buy with Google” button on their site and with a single tap, you can on your way to bringing some kickin’ kung pow chicken home for dinner. Because really, nobody likes manually punching in their credit card info. While it’s sure a thousand restaurants around the US may not sound like much, but it’s a small step into making our lives easier and more convenient. At this point, we’ll take whatever we can get.

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