Google is putting mobile-friendly sites higher up in search results


For those of you who haven’t heard by now, Google has changed up its search algorithm a bit so that mobile-friendly sites have more weight in Google Search than websites that aren’t mobile-friendly, so long as you’re using a smartphone. That means that if you search something up on Google from your smartphone, websites that are specially designed to work well on mobile devices are more likely to pop up on your search results. 

Here’s a bit of Google Search news you should know about. As we were warned about back in February, Google has flipped the switch on a Google Search algorithm change that will now rank websites that are optimized for mobile devices higher when the search is performed on a smartphone. It’s a natural step for any search engine in a world that’s become increasingly mobile, though it’s a change that’s sure to be scary for web developers everywhere. It might also be scary for your common user as it could bury a lot of relevant information that the mobile-optimized sites might not have. Search Engine Land has a much deeper Q&A for you to check out if you want to know more about the change and everything that’s going on. Your site not mobile friendly? Funnily enough, Google is a good place to start to figure out how you can adapt your site to mobile whenever someone visits from their phone, so be sure to poke around and get going on that as soon as possible if you haven’t already gotten with the program.

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