Apple secretly acquired a startup known as Dryft last year


Apple’s trademark business secrecy makes it so that we can go months, even years without knowing that the Apple has acquired another company. This was the case with Dryft as well, a startup that’s known for developing keyboard apps which Apple seems to have acquired last year. The CTo of the startup, who also co-founded Swype, is now working as Apple’s lead developer for digital keyboards. 

Apple quietly bought Dryft, a startup that develops keyboard apps — an acquisition that appears to have occurred last year — TechCrunch has learned. The acquisition seemed to be confirmed by Randy Marsden’s LinkedIn profile, which lists him as joining Apple last September. Marsden, the chief technology officer of Dryft and also a co-founder of Swype, now leads development for Apple’s internal keyboard efforts. Whether Apple acquired Dryft for its assets or its talent in Marsden and others, we’re not exactly sure. Financial terms of the deal weren’t available. Apple told TechCrunch that it buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and does not generally discuss its purpose or plans — which is another way of saying yes. Dryft was a finalist in the TechCrunch Disrupt startup battlefield in 2013.

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