3D printing could be a $20 billion market within four years


Before the decade comes to a close, the 3D printing industry could be worth somewhere around $20 billion. At least, that’s what new data from Canalys seems to suggest, which the research firm used to show that 3D printers and their associated materials and services will generate around $5.2 billion this year and more than twice that by mid-2016. 

3D printing could become a $20 billion industry by the end of the decade, new figures suggest. Data from research firm Canalys show the market, including 3D printers, and associated materials and services, will generate about $5.2 billion this year, and become a double-digit billion dollar market by mid-2016. “We have seen improving print speeds, a wider range of materials and new forms of additive manufacturing methods,” said Joe Kempton, Canalys research analyst. He pointed to an increase in vendors from Asia, which are taking on dominant existing markets, such as Germany and the US. The 3D printing revolution is expected to continue to upend the traditional manufacturing market as it allows people to print real-life products and part replacements from their home or office.

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