Xiaomi has released another teaser for its big March 31 launch event


In celebration of the Chinese startup’s fifth birthday, Xiaomi will be launching a handful of new products on March 31 which, although exciting, is kind of annoying considering the company has given us no real information on what will be released. Instead, the company has chosen to release a bunch of teasers that we can only speculate on and this latest teaser is perhaps the most baffling of them all. 

Xiaomi is on roll this year. A few days back, we reported that the company is planning to launch a number of new products to celebrate its fifth anniversary. We have already seen three new teasers from the company till date and now, there’s another teaser which hints at a new smart product which will see the light of day on March 31. It looks like the company will focus on smart home products this year. We have increasingly heard rumors about products such as a smart water purifier, a 55-inch smart TV, both of which will most likely be announced on Tuesday. Now, this particular teaser comes with the letters ‘TZC’ on top. While we have no clue what this means, the image below gives us an idea about the product.

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