Square Order is shutting down after less than a year


Square Order hasn’t even been around for a year yet and Square is already shutting it down. The service enabled users to order and pay for their food before they even arrived at a restaurant which, while an excellent way to save time, wasn’t as successful as Square would have liked. The company has decided to abandon the service to focus on more successful services such as Caviar. 

Square today announced it’s shutting down Square Order, a service it launched less than a year ago. Square Order allowed users to order and pay ahead of arriving at a restaurant to save some time. We received this statement from a spokesperson: “We’ve spoken with our sellers, and after careful consideration we’ve decided to retire the Square Order app. We are focusing our efforts on other tools and marketing services that help sellers grow their business, like online ordering, gift cards, or delivery with Caviar.” It seems Order didn’t receive the traction Square was hoping for – it makes sense for the company to lighten its portfolio a bit and refocus its efforts on more successful ventures like its premium food delivery service, Caviar.

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