OnePlus is shaking things up with its brand new product


Remember that #OneGameChanger product that OnePlus has been teasing these past few days? Well it turns out that the rumors were true, the Chinese startup has announced a new consumer drone known as the DR-1. OnePlus showed off the drone with some teaser images not too long ago but many people were wondering whether it was a joke or not. Not because it’s a silly idea, just a surprising one for a small startup that has released a single product: a smartphone. 

OnePlus said in an AMA on Reddit late last week that its upcoming #OneGameChanger product would be a drone called the DR-1, but thanks to an assortment of winky faces left on the posts, it wasn’t clear if the company was making a joke or not. It seemed plausible, but it’s also an interesting direction from a company that single-handedly disrupted the smartphone market with their super-cheap and high-powered OnePlus One smartphone. Now the company has confirmed officially that the #OneGameChanger that they’ve been teasing is indeed a drone. I think it’s probably safe to say that this drone isn’t just going to your standard drone, as OnePlus seems to believe that something about their product is going to be a “game changer”. Drones are definitely a hot trend in the ranks of technology geeks, but they’re usually not cheap if you want one that’s high-quality.

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