Healint raises $1 million to predict and prevent migraines


Migraines really, really suck, and treating them is difficult due to the fact that we really aren’t sure what causes them. Fortunately for sufferers of this disease, migraines can still be prevented in most cases and a startup out of Singapore known as Healint has a mobile app that can help you do just that. Using various sensor readings, the app is able to predict when users will have a migraine with somewhere around 90% accuracy and can use this information to help them understand the disease. 

Healint, a Singapore startup with a mobile app promising to predict migraines with an accuracy of 90 percent, has raised over US$1 million in seed funding from Wavemaker Pacific, Gree Ventures, and Shin Ryoku. Wavemaker co-invested in the startup alongside National Research Foundation, a Singapore government agency. The app uses passive sensor readings from mobile phones, external data sources, and user input to help patients better understand their condition. The startup claims a migraine onset prediction of close to 90 percent, and it’s now figuring out how to implement a weather radar to help users prevent attacks. “We studied the reported events of our active users. We applied our own algorithm based on different sensor readings from the phone, our own sleep algorithm (which has accuracy of 93 percent confirmed by users), and external weather API data to predict the next onset of migraine for a particular user in the next 12 hours,” Veronica Chew, co-founder and CMO of Healint, tells Tech in Asia.

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