T-Mobile CEO dismisses Apple’s Bendgate controversy


There has a lot of fuss that has been made over the Apple’s Bendgate issue over its bending iPhones. According to Apple, they claim that only 9 people have actually come forward with complaints of actual bending, and a recent test conducted by Consumer Reports has found the case to be overblown.

You can talk about stress testing and Apple’s potential liability until you’re blue in the face, but sometimes you need to just speak about overblown subjects like the Bendgate controversy using a shred of common sense. Happily taking up that baton is T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who responded to questions about Apple’s allegedly bendable iPhone 6 Plus at this year’s GeekWire Summit 2014 with a distinctly non-corporate-sounding statement. Simply put: try bending that brand new super computer handset you’ve paid good money for and you’re a f****ing idiot.


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