Apple has finally killed off the iPod Classic


The iPod Classic is probably one of the better value iPods in Apple’s lineup. This is because of the amount of storage it offered and if you already have an iPhone or iPad and don’t need apps or a touchscreen interface, it made the iPod Classic a pretty compelling purchase. Unfortunately it looks like all good things have to come to an end. It seems that while Apple was busy announcing its new iPhones and its smartwatch, they also did a little cleanup of their own in which they removed the iPod Classic from the Apple Store.

My friends, I come to you with sad news. Our old friend, the iPod classic, is no more. Apple unceremoniously removed the much-beloved media player from its iPod product page, leaving just the shuffle, nano, and touch to carry the iPod standard. This was years in the making. The click wheel-enabled iPod was just no longer relevant in the day of high-capacity flash storage and streaming music services. Sure, there are certain use cases where the high-capacity memory still makes sense, but for the most part, it was time for the iPod classic to be put down. But let’s remember the iPod classic during its heyday – when it was displayed with silhouettes using white earbuds dancing in front of vibrant backgrounds. This was the model that started it all.

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