New patent suggests Microsoft is working on augmented reality glasses


Could Microsoft be working on an augmented reality pair of smart glasses? Well based an earlier Microsoft patent, it would seem to suggest that is the case, although a newly published patent from Microsoft which was filed for back in January 2014 seems to suggest that Microsoft’s augmented reality efforts could be getting serious. The patent application is for a “Wearable behavior-based vision system” which according to the description, not only will it be able to recognize real world objects, but it will also be able to predict its behavior. This is actually interesting because we’ve seen Microsoft’s predictive efforts with Cortana which has been pretty successful, so we have to wonder if Microsoft will be able to apply that to augmented reality.

Some new patent filings from Microsoft have been discovered, and it looks like the company is working on some new augmented reality smart glasses. The patent is described as a ‘wearable behavior based vision system’, this is apparently a new augmented reality system that comes with some interesting features. This new augmented reality system from Microsoft can apparently recognize real world objects, and the system can assess these objects and the predict their behavior. For example the system could recognize a car, and the direction that the car is traveling in, the object your then be overlayed on the AR display. The system would also be able to create a combination of a real world and a virtual world, showing you objects and obstacles from the real world in the virtual system. Microsoft originally filed this patent back in January, you can find out more information about the patent below. As yet there are no details on whether Microsoft will launch a device with these features, although it certainly does sound very interesting. The company is also rumored to be working on other wearable devices, which includes a new smart watch that is designed to work on Android and iOS as well as Windows Phone.

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