LG’s 105-inch curved TV will run you about $120,000


You may remember LG showed off a 105-inch curved TV at CES back in January. Well, today it became an actual product you can buy if you have $117,000 lying around. Most TVs on the market today, regardless of screen size, use a 1080p resolution for crisp HD viewing. There’s a growing number of 4K TVs appearing, but they come with a price premium and very little supporting content. However, LG is ignoring 4K with its latest mammoth TV and instead has embraced what it classes as 5K resolution.

Sure, Samsung just launched its 105-inch ultrawidescreen, Ultra HD TV, but if spending $120,000 on such a screen is probably out of reach there may be a solution. For the the budget minded-consumer, we’d recommend taking a look at LG’s 105-inch 4K (they call it 5K, because of the expanded number of pixels horiontally) set. Beyond coming with an integrated speaker (value!), if we’re reading this machine-translated Korean press releasecorrectly, in Korea it’s priced at 120 million won, or about $117,000 and will start shipping in just a few days. That way, you can buy one of these and a nice 65-inch TV for your kids instead of that college education they wanted. During CES we’d heard that the MSRP would be around $70,000 US so we’re still hoping for even more savings on this side of the Pacific — of course, as much as we like high-res TVs we’re not sure any of them are worthtwo Teslas.

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