Microsoft’s plans for Nokia have been detailed in new, leaked documents


When Nokia officially sold themselves to Microsoft, we knew that Microsoft would eventually drop the Nokia branding from future products. After all wouldn’t it be nicer to call them Microsoft products to avoid confusion, as well as to help draw more attention to Microsoft themselves? However in the meantime, the Nokia brand will be used, but what about the future? Well according to @evleaks, he has posted some pretty detailed slides that apparently show off Microsoft’s plans for the future, which will no longer involve the Nokia brand. However as the slides note, this will only take place when Microsoft launches a new product into the market, meaning that current Nokia handsets will not be affected and will continue to be known as Nokia devices.

Prolific leakster Evleaks has obtained a document that explains how Microsoft plans to utilize Nokia’s devices, services, and employees after the completion of the acquisition. The several page document, which consists a 31-question FAQ, was possibly sent to Nokia employees who were being transferred to Microsoft. The document reveals some interesting points, some of which are highlighted below. Microsoft acquired Nokia’s devices and services division for 7.5 billion dollars. Wondering what will the company do to Nokia branding? The document states that Microsoft holds the right to use Nokia branding for product marketing purposes — which is 18 months post-close for Lumia devices and 10 years for mobile phones. Also, Microsoft will also continue to work with Nokia’s advertising partners. Microsoft now owns Lumia, Asha, Nokia X, and other mobile portfolios. Microsoft will hereafter provide full support to the aforementioned devices. Until further notice, Nokia retail stores and care centres will continue to operate under the same brand name. The document also addresses basic agreements like, what happens to Nokia’s assets. These assets and services on DAP will be transferred to Microsoft, though Nokia employees will have access to it, until further notice.

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