A 64GB Moto X release may have been confirmed by Sprint


The Moto X is Motorola’s current flagship smartphone that was launched in 2013. The phone came with a maximum storage capacity of 32GB by default, but recent reports seem to suggest that the phone could come with 64GB of storage as well. This was first sighted on Motorola’s website, and it was in a leaked Sprint document that seemingly confirmed it. Now if you were still somewhat skeptical, hopefully the latest sighting will clear all of your doubts. A recent listing on Sprint’s website has revealed a 64GB version of the Moto X, although there is no official product page for that particular model yet, nor is it showing up on Motorola’s website yet, at least for now. 

Motorola’s Moto X is beginning to enter its twilight years (for a smartphone, at least), having launched last August. While we’redefinitely looking forward to a sequel, Motorola doesn’t seem content letting this model languish in its old age, and appears ready to keep introducing new options. Over the weekend we noticed a slight tweak to the company’s Moto Maker offerings, switching walnut out for rosewood among the phone’s natural finish options, and also heard rumors about a forthcoming 64GB variant. That 64GB model still isn’t showing up on Motorola’s own site, but today we pick up some new support for the idea of its existence, as the 64GB Moto X makes a brief appearance over at Sprint. While there doesn’t appear to be any formal product page for Sprint’s 64GB Moto X, we are seeing the phone pop up as an option when browsing through models with the intent of shopping for accessories. We don’t get any insight into possible pricing, nor do we end up with a specific sense for when the phone might be available, but seeing this here at all has us optimistic that it could go up for sale sooner rather than later.

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