Workplace messaging startup Zulip gets acquired by Dropbox


Dropbox is a cloud-based storage service that we’re sure many of you guys have heard of and probably use. It allows users to store their data in the cloud and thanks to apps available on mobile devices and the computer, it lets users sync and retrieve their documents regardless of what platform they are using. However it seems that Dropbox might be interested in moving away from being a mere cloud storage service provider.

Dropbox has acquired Zulip, a stealthy startup that was building a workplace chat product. The news was originally reported by TechCrunch after Zulip sent an email to customers asking them to stay quiet about the buy-up. In that missive, Zulip’s founders claimed that nothing significant would change for the time being and that the focus going forward is an integration with Dropbox. Zulip had intended to compete with established workplace messaging providers like Yammer and Convo. On Zulip, employees invited into the pilot could conduct private conversations, drag and drop files, search through previous messages, and other features.

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