Windows 9 could be what puts Microsoft back on top


Microsoft has a problem because a huge chunk of Windows XP stragglers still aren’t upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 8 even though there’s just over a month to go until XP support ends. Tom’s Hardware writes that Microsoft does have one more card to play that it hopes will finally convince XP diehards to switch: Windows 9. 

Getting under the skin of the software giant is not always easy. But there is clearly something in Microsoft’s DNA that has created a good-bad-good gene when it comes to developing its operating systems. In essence, every time it skips a generation, it’s significantly enhanced. Remember Windows 95? It was a great product for its time. Innovative, intuitive – an OS that really moved the world of personal, and more importantly business, computing forward. Sure, it had some bugs, but software development on that scale is bound to have early teething problems and they were quickly resolved.

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