Steam Family Sharing leaves beta, launches for all Steam users


Steam Family Sharing, the service that allows for sharing of a Steam library between multiple individuals and computers, is now available to all Steam users. The service can be enabled for up to five Steam accounts to share a single collection of games across as many as 10 different computers. During the beta that Valve had been running until now, the limit had been 10 users. Under the Family Sharing program, Steam maintains game saves in the Steam Cloud and tracks achievements for each account.

Digital game distributor Steam has officially released its Family Sharing feature. Originally released in beta, users can now authorize another user and their device to ‘borrow’ a game from their library. Up to ten computers can share one library at a time, with up to five different accounts permitted to use any of the aforementioned computers. Steam’s Family Library Sharing is now available for all users. CamioCam, a cloud-based video monitoring start-up has been launched this week, offering connective video capture from a tablet, smartphone or computer to be used as part of a cloud-based monitoring system. Users can connect any Wi-Fi connected device with a camera to CamioCam, and the camera upload video whenever there is motion. 

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