Google wants to make sure you never forget to pay your bills


Google Now will possess even more personal assistant capabilities in an upcoming update, according to Android Police. Based on source information and code found in Search 3.3, the site deduced that Google Now will make it much easier to pay your bills with monthly reminders and other helpful information. As mocked up in the image below, the card would show users when a bill is due, and even provide a link to pay that particular bill. 

Ready for another Google Now rumor? We’ve already seen evidence of contact-based reminders reliant on your proximity with another person, and “inferred events,” whereby Now would pluck mentions of meetings or other appointments from your conversations to automatically create calendar entries. This time, we have something just as useful – a new bill pay card and interface, evidently headed for Google Now. As with our previous two Now-related rumors, this one is very simple – Google Now will (according to a source familiar with the matter) remind you of upcoming bills, provide helpful information, and give you a quick link to pay the bill online. According to our information, the reminders could include bills for things like utilities, cell providers, credit accounts, and possibly others.

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