Fujitsu shows off its Esprimo X923 all-in-one business PC


With all of the talk surrounding smartphones and tablets, it’s sometimes easy to forget that desktops still occupy most of our working days. Fujitsu hasn’t forgotten them, however, and is wheeling out a pair of all-in-one units that’ll accompany you on the 9-to-5. The Esprimo X923 comes with a 23-inch 1,920 x 1,080 IPS LCD and a wide variety of build-to-order options, including a choice of Core i3 – i7 CPUs, HDD or SSD and up to 16GB RAM.

Unifying communications by replacing separate PCs and telephones with a PC equipped with a headset and some telephony software can sound like a great idea until the first electricity bill for those always-on PCs comes in. Fujitsu hopes to end that bill shock with an always-on multimedia PC for businesses that features a special power-saving mode. The Esprimo X923 all-in-one business PCs Fujitsu revealed at the Cebit show in Hanover on Sunday include a headset, a handset, a webcam, microphones and speakers for voice and video communications.

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