Apple rejects WW2 game for depicting Germans and Russians as enemies


Apple has rejected the  WW2 game Tank Battle: East Front 1942 for having Germans and Russians in it. I’m not kidding. A World War II-themed game that depicts fighting between two countries that actually fought in WWII breaks the rules. And apparently Drive on Moscow, Panzer Corps, and every single one of Hunted Cow’s other Tank Battle games don’t.

Hunted Cow, the developer behind the mobile games such as Ancient Battle: Rome and Arc War, ran afoul of Apple’s app store guidelines earlier this week as it prepared to release its next Tank Battle game, Tank Battle: East Front 1942. The strategy game which features tank warfare set in World War II, was rejected by Apple as it was stated to “depict real entity as the enemies” according to an article by Pocket Tactics. Studio chief Andrew Mullholland brought up the rejection, which stuck out as odd given the fact that the game depicts both sides of a world engulfing conflict with major historical significance. 

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