Airbnb announces its “Shared City” initiative


In a move that could both improve the livelihood of cities and appease lawmakers that frown upon the company’s business practices, Airbnb announced today a new long-term initiative called “Shared City,” and has picked Portland, Oregon, as its first destination. Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky outlined the goals of the amibitious program in this post on Medium.

“Imagine if you could build a city that is shared. Where people become micro-entrepreneurs, and local mom and pops flourish once again. Imagine a city that fosters community, where space isn’t wasted, but shared with others.” This might sound a bit like twee ad-speak to you, like the voiceover for a car commercial or an organic menstrual product spot. But it is not a car commercial or an ad for a hemp tampon. It’s a Medium post for Airbnb’s Shared City plan, an ambitious initiative that’s about to roll out in Portland, Oregon. According to the post, the plan is designed to “help civic leaders and our community create more shareable, more livable cities through relevant, concrete actions and partnerships.”


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