Scentee’s fragrance-emitting smartphone plugins are now available worldwide


If you were crestfallen when you heard that Scentee’s fragrance-emitting smartphone add-on would be hard to get outside of Japan, you can relax, it’s now available worldwide through the company’s site. The perfume plug-in sells for $35 by itself plus a whopping $30 in shipping. Scent packs for coffee, lavender, rose, rosemary and strawberry will cost you $5 each.

Good news if you’ve been waiting to hit the Buy button on one of Scentee’s fragrance-emitting plugins for your Android or iOS phone — the company has confirmed that it’s now shipping units worldwide from its official site. As the broken English in the press release puts it: “Scentee website offers an easier and more efficient Scentee Balloon hunting experience via PayPal for potential Scenteeist all around the world as easy as it is for our Scentee lovers in Japan!” As we reported in October, Scentee’s unique add-on for your mobile lets you associate particular smells with particular notifications. You can have the smell of coffee wafting through the air at the same time as your morning alarm, for example, or associate new Facebook updates with the aroma of lavender. There’s no need to check your phone for new alerts when you can just sniff them out instead.

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