Mac users are 4x more likely than Windows users to upgrade their OS


Mac users are almost four times more likely to upgrade to the latest edition of their OS in comparison with Windows users, with nearly a quarter of the most engaged users of both platforms now using OS X Mavericks. Computerworld attempted to estimate how many PCs now run Windows 8, which it declared to be in the range of 169.28 million and 184.09 million units. 

Mac users are almost four times more likely to upgrade to the latest version of OS X than Windows users are, and that 41.7 percent of current Mac users can be defined as “engaged” (meaning, among other things, that they run up-to-date software and OS versions as well as use the Internet frequently), compared to just 11.6 percent of Windows users who meet the same criteria. Overall, Macs account for nearly a quarter of the “up-to-date” computer user market. Computerworld’s Jonny Evans took recent statistics from a combination of various analyst estimates along with NetApplications data on desktop market share and found that Windows 8 (at around 175 million users) and all recent versions of OS X (at around 127 million users) — both figures are averages from a low-high range — are closer than most consumers would have imagined. 

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