Fin is a bluetooth ring that lets you control things with your hands


Fin, a bluetooth smart ring, that will let you use gestures on your palm to control your smartphone, TV, car stereo or any other connected device, being developed by Kochi-based RHL Vision, has reached its funding goal on Indiegogo. The ring that needs to be worn on your thumb can be swiped on various parts of your hand to control various devices around you. It uses sensors that can uniquely identify each part of your hand to achieve this.

Back at CES in January, TechCrunch met Fin, the Bluetooth ring that went on to become one of our Hardware Battlefield finalists. Fin, which turns your hand into a wireless controller for smartphones, TVs, and other connected devices, just reached its $100,000 Indiegogo goal. Now Fin is aiming for its stretch goal of $150,000, which will make the ring available for a discounted price to visually impaired people. Fin is worn on your thumb and has a tiny optical sensor that detects movements, allowing you to send commands to connected devices with a few swipes and taps of your fingers. As TechCrunch’s Greg Kumparak described when he wrote about the device’s prototype in January, you can turn down your phone’s volume by swiping your thumb down your index finger or skip the current track by swiping your thumb across the palm of your opposite hand. 

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