AT&T is now selling Cube 2 3D printers in its online store


As 3D printers continue to become more popular, more and more retail outlets are beginning to carry the devices. Staples became the first major retailer to carry 3D Systems’ Cube 3D printer in retail stores, and Office Depot offers in-store demonstrations for those who want to buy the 3D printer from their Web site. Now a wireless carrier is getting in on the action.

Can’t wait until mid-February to buy a 3D printer from Dell? ATT is now selling Cube 2 3D printers in its online store for $1,229. While MakerBot has been the main printer company pursuing sales in mainstream outlets, the Cube 2, which is made by 3D Systems, has long had a place in schools and other learning spaces. It’s regarded as an easy-to-use entry level 3D printer.

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