Vine celebrates its one year anniversary


One year ago, Vine appeared as an app with a simple concept: Let people take and share six-second video clips on their smartphones. The idea was so popular that Twitter bought the company before the app officially launched to the public. Vine hit the top of Apple’s App Store charts in June, which, incidentally, was the same month that photo-sharing site Instagram decided to launch its own competing video product.

Vine on Friday celebrated its one year anniversary, and to commemorate the milestone, the service set up a neat little landing page highlighting some of the platform’s most popular Vines. Some truly terrific content has come out of the six second machine, giving users a wonderful stage to showcase their comedic talents. Much of the stuff is just quick glimpses into someone’s personal life, though Vine is filled with plenty of creative gems that are often clever and hilarious. Even if you don’t use the platform yourself, there’s still plenty to appreciate about the service.

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