Roku will be releasing its own line of smart TVs


Roku, the company behind the popular digital media players, has announced that it will be entering the smart TV market with its own devices in the near future. This makes a lot of sense considering that the company has already managed to beat out all of its competition, even Apple TV, for the spot at the top of the digital media player market. 

You love your Roku but you hate your smart TV? All your dreams might soon come true, because Roku is putting its technology inside of an actual television set, available this fall. The TVs themselves will be manufactured by TCL and Hisense, but inside they’ll be all Roku Player. Meaning, these TVs will offer up the same experience you’ve come to know and love from a Roku box (like instant updates, the ability to connect with your Time Warner Cable accounts, all kinds of apps), rolled into a  flatscreen setup.

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