Cryptolocker ransomware variant spreads through USB drives


A new version of the Cryptolocker ransom Trojan has been discovered that is able to spread through USB drives. The malware is targeted at peer-to-peer file-sharers. This may seem and odd targeting choice as it limits the list of potential victims, but it also increases the likelihood of the malware being downloaded and is also targeting a demographic that is more likely to use USB drives. 

Security researchers have discovered what looks like a copycat version of the Cryptolocker ransom Trojan that drops some of the malware’s sophistication in favor of the single innovation of being able to spread via USB drives. According to security firms Trend Micro and ESET, the recently discovered worm-like Crilock.A variant (which calls itself “Cryptolocker 2.0”) poses as an updater for Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office on sites frequented by peer-to-peer file-sharers.

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