Tracking Google’s investments



Google is a household name, for many it is the “go to” search engine to find anything from what is ailing you to how to spell a word. Almost like a dependency has formed between us and this behemoth reigning search engine, but how did it become our favorite place to search and what keeps it this way?

Much like with any business, investing and continuously growing as a company is important. They must remain current in fulfilling the needs of those (us) who invest our time into keeping “Google” as a prominent name within our minds. Due to their now trust-worthy name, we will continue to try out anything Google has invested in.

In the following infographic you will be able to see what other subsidiaries are owned by Google and with $44 billion (yes that is with a B) dollars on hand Google can clearly invest in a lot more. Check out the timeline by tracking Google’s investments thus far.

Google Casts a Wide Net
Source: Best Computer Science Schools

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